Who God is? And how He touched my life?

One Sunday morning, I attended an Evangelization workshop. We were tasked to post #instaworthy photo showing who God is or how He touched our lives. And I honestly had a hard time deciding what photo to post, or how to caption it which is new to me being #socialmedia girl that I am. The task was supposed to be easy, but it lead me to a hardcore reflection on who God is and how He touched my life.


​One Sunday morning, I attended an Evangelization Workshop at West Gorordo Hotel, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City organized by Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon-Cebu for its committed members. The objective of the workshop was to prepare the members for the upcoming activities, wherein it is a goal to invite more single professionals to serving the Lord. The workshop consists of four talks, but I’m not going to re-echo what I learned from the entire workshop. Haha.
I want to talk about one of the task given to us during the 1st talk (Social Media Evangelization). We were tasked to post #instaworthy photo showing who God is and how He touched our lives. And I honestly had  a hard time deciding what photo to share and how to caption it, which is new to me being a #socialmedia girl. The task was supposed to be easy, but it lead me to a hardcore reflection on who really is God in my life and how has He touched my life. To answer the first question, since I developed or improved my relationship with our Lord, I have known Him personally as these three:  (1) Prince of Peace; (2) My Comfort; (3) My Grandest Lover. Why do I consider Him as such? Below are the reasons why.

1.   My Prince of Peace

You are my Prince of Peace and I will live my life for you

I still remember how my heart leaped with joy and gladness during the times I first heard of this song entitled Prince of Peace by Marc Imboden in one of the prayer meetings I attended with #LingkodCebu. This song made me realize the fact that indeed, God is a Prince of Peace. He granted me my most needed peace of mind in a way that I didn’t even notice until I heard this very song.

Like many other individuals out there, I used to be a worrier. I worry about almost everything, especially about my finances back to when I was still studying. I worry about where to get money for my next day’s fare to school, money to cover expenses of my project, research, food for our family, and good clothing for school presentation. Even when I already started working, I still worry. I worry whether what I’m currently doing is enough for me to win the life battles coming my way. I worry whether I’m on the right tract or not. And worrying didn’t help at all. I started to get tired of it. Good thing the day came when I had developed a better relationship with our Lord. My reasons to worry didn’t leave me. I still have my bills to pay, future battles to encounter, dreams to hopefully achieve, and more, but now I worry no more. Why still worry? God is there to help me. And as He promised in John 14:27 saying: “Peace be with you! My peace I give to you; not as the world gives peace do I give it to you. Do not be troubled! Do not be afraid!” I was given peace like no other. He made me experience peace that He is. I didn’t instruct myself to stop worrying, God removed the worries out of my head and filled my thoughts with every good thing about Him. It’s such a great relief to live without worrying at all. All credits to my Prince of Peace.

2. My Comfort

As I mentioned above, I was once a worrier. Being such, I had a troubled heart. A very sad one. I will even sleep my sadness away, letting my heart get broken while my tears were flowing. The good thing being sad is you get to be comforted by your family or friends. That is when you live with or near them. Back when I was still a student and used to live with my family at home, I have multiple friends to share my sadness with. I’m blessed to have friends who were understanding and who were patient in listening to my dramas and giving me advice afterwards. Then the time came when I needed to leave home and move to live alone to work in a place new to me. A place where I have no friends nor relatives living nearby. At first, I still text with my friends, constantly updating them with my newly found freedom living independently. Until I became busy with work that every time I get home I sleep right away and do the same during my days off. I no more had time for texting or calling friends. It was sad. Not that I didn’t find new friends, I have many new friends and they are dear to me. There’s just a time when you have no one near you to talk about your sadness, to talk about your random dramas. Trust me, I had so many reasons to be sad last year, from new friends leaving, to a dear friend dying, to having no one near you whom your comfortable enough to talk with. It was such a challenging year if you think of it, and during those times when my heart was broken and sad, I suddenly found comfort. Our good Lord comforted me when no one else can. Many times I feel His love touching my heart during prayer meetings, mass celebrations, my personal prayer time, and in my daily life. When I get to know Him better, I eventually know the happiness that He is and the comfort that He brings. And I want to personally share it to you! If you feel alone, if you feel like you have no one to turn to, no one understands and wills to listen to you, you are wrong! You have Him! He will always be there for you. No matter how sad or broken you are, He will comfort you, for you are His dear child. Call on Him! Go on!

3. My Grandest Lover

Being a woman that I am, I also dream of my own fairytale, or my own version of a love story like the ones written by Nicholas Sparks. I’m a hopeless romantic so I tend to dream of the guy who will love me beautifully. A man who will pass as the next leading man to a fairytale movie or a protagonist in a best-selling romantic novel. Shallow. That was how shallow my understanding to the word ‘love’ was. I was looking for it the wrong way. Little did I learn that love is far greater than a man can offer. For love itself is the Lord, Our God. He is my Grandest Lover. He showed it many times before, and still shows it until now. Last year when I was in a process of moving on from a failed long-term relationship, I’m glad that I developed my personal relationship with the Lord, my Grandest Lover. I started to recall the stories in the book of Genesis when He made the world and everything on it out of love, up to the story when He sacrificed His Son to save us. What a great love it is to still love and continue loving if the people you love doesn’t seem to be deserving. I am a sinner. Many times I have sinned, yet He never gave up on me. That’s how grand His love is. A love that is willing to sacrifice the most important belonging that there is to save a beloved. A love that truly never dies. A love that’s fire burning and gives life.
Moving on to the second question which is: “How did He touched my life?” I’d like to let you guys know that I’ve known Him since I was a kid. Growing up, the Lord was a known entity in my life. I remember my mother leading us to prayer before we doze off to sleep and that during my teens, I served Him as a lector in our parish. I know Him to be always there to watch, guide, and protect me. And just recently, I have known Him differently. He touched my life in a way that I am willing to serve Him more, in a way that I crave more of His love, I think of Him almost every hour of my day, I do things now with cautiousness that I will glorify Him. He touched my life by responding to the interest I have of Him. That is how our God is, He does not ignore those who wants Him. He will come to you once you allow Him to. And once He touches your life, brace yourself, it’s just the start. Know that you will be overwhelmed with His Holy presence. Just allow Him to be the God that He is.

Now that I’ve already shared who God is in my life, its your turn to share who God is in your life. 😊 Also I’d like to know how He touched your life. I’m excited to know your touching stories. So keep them coming!

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