Ilo-Guimaras-Ilo (9/30/16)

Today, I, together with my brothers and sisters from the different branches of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon in the Visayas region  went to Guimaras Island for a fellowship event. Coming from a bit long travel from Iloilo, we enjoyed the white sand of the beach and the  calm sea. Truly this island doesn’t disappoint. We did a lot of things, games (beach volley), photo ops, foods, swimming, eating and swimming again, and playing again and so on. We did all those things while keeping in mind that we are brothers in sisters who are disciples of Christ. Brothers were serving the sisters, making sure to show respect and  care for one another while the sisters were generous enough to allow the brothers to serve them. Truly I am enjoying in this 2nd day of the Regional Lingkod Training Conference 2016. Another highlight of this day was when we went to a monastery of monks, I dont know the exact name of the place is but I’ll try to remember. We arrived on the said area around past 2pm, and surprisingly, it was already the sound of crickets who welcomed  us. We went to the monastery, offered prayers and petitions, and asked for blessing from one of the monks. Honestly, Im looking forward to some sort of spiritual upgrade from this event. And Im being positive about it.


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