3.14.16 #blog

Did I already tell you that this is going to be something like an online diary for me? Not yet? Well, now you all know. 😊 Sharing with you another entry I found from my drafts last year. This could have been published during then, if only I pursued of making this blog sooner. Going back, here’s my March 14, 2016 entry.
I can’t sleep yet, might as well write something worthwile instead. So whats running in my mind right now are a lot of things. The blogsite I visited earlier (www.kimcamjones.com) the tweet of @PoemsPorn which says “Im not a girl. Im a storm covered with skin”, this glaring fire of love and inspiration Im feeling as i realize how blessed I am, my friend Raven and of course my dream of becoming a blogger.
Since I discovered some blogsites of celebriities I know and like, I tried to visit as much site as I could. Earlier I searched for  the account of Ms. Kim Jones. Oh how fascinated I am with her photos, the shots are so precise (credits to her photographer). And she’s such a great model. Upon reading her articles, I liked her more, i got more inspired. Her work of modelling isn’t just done for her. I like the thought that she seems to do it for a cause, which is to help Filipino people. As it was stated in her blogsite, Ms Jones is supporting local products. High-end fashion attainable through the works of local people. And I believe she’s doing a graeat job in introducing local works to a large audience. I commend her for that.
MissJones inspired me even more to pursue for my long-time dream of being a blogger, she gave me addituonal reason to do it. And thats to help other people! What a very humbling reason for me to pursue what want.


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